Friends have been RAVING about Mezze and I was starting to feel left out. I finally got a push of encouragement to give it a try thanks to a 30% off Black Board Eats code- that's a deal I just can't turn down. The space is small, but pretty and centered with a tree in the middle of the room and a view of their open kitchen. There's an interesting cocktail list and wine flights for the same price as a glass which made for a nice start to our evening. My favorite dish of the night was hands down Grandma's Chicken Livers! I don't always like chopped liver, but that was amazing! I loved the sweetness brought in with the apple and it's served on not only a very cute little challah, but a very yummy little challah!

Deli Juice for my man- gin, dill pickle, serrano pepper, mustard seed

Flight of light bodied red wines for me: Tempanillo and Pinot Grigio

Grandma's Chopped Chicken Livers with apple mostarda and challah

Flatbread with merguez sausage, tomato jam, aleppo pepper, and ramps
Asparagus with hen of the woods mushrooms and manouri cheese

 Hashweh Risotto with lamb, burnt onion, lemon
Mussels with white ale and zhug

Have you been to Mezze? I'd love to hear what you thought!


Lately Loving: BB Cream

I feel like I've been hearing about BB Cream everywhere lately. On TV, in magazines, at the drugstore- it's BB Cream fever! But what IS this super popular cream everyone is buzzing about? I was determined to find out and I'm happy to share the spoils of my research with all of you! This weekend I stopped by Smashbox to get a crash course in all things BB Cream..and some other fun make up finds that I'll tell you about later! So here's the deal. BB Cream, which is short for Blemish Balm, was first created in Germany and originally used as a cream for post surgical and laser procedures. It was big in Asia and employed whitening properties and is now making it's way into the American market. It's pretty much an all in one product giving you primer, foundation, sun screen, oil control, and moisturizer. Kinda sounds like a miracle product right? Well, it kinda is!
Smashbox BB Cream
I typically moisturize my skin with Hope in a Jar before using any make up and then use Benefit's Pore-fessional and my usual make up routine and I'm out the door. I rarely use foundation because I don't like too much coverage, but what I am loving about Smashbox's BB Cream is that it covers like a tinter moisturizer. It's very light coverage, but just enough where it gives you a flawless base. A little goes a long way and a good tip I was given was to work in sections. So no dabbing spots all over your face and then blend. Squirt just a pea sized amount on the back of your hand and then use your fingers to apply and blend. I like to use a lightly dampened make up sponge to blend. BB Cream does hydrate, but I still like to use my moisturizer underneath and you could also use an additional primer if you have one you're partial to. This is really a great product and make up lasts on top of it throughout the day. Smashbox's BB Cream is priced at $39 which is actually a pretty great price considering how little you need and how long one tube will last. Pretty much every beauty brand is making a BB Cream and one of the selling points for me with Smashbox was the variations of shades available.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on BB Creams and if you've found one you like or feel free to ask any questions you might have as well.


Hollywood Pies

Something had long been missing from my life. In general I feel complete, but I always knew there was this little something missing. When I heard Hollywood Pies opened in my neighborhood my heart fluttered. Chicago style pizza- this is what was missing! I had never tried it. It sounded delicious and was only a matter of time before this pie would be mine. Thick pie-like crust, zesty tomato sauce, a layer of cheese, and chunks of Italian sausage- YES! I've never been to Chicago (yet), so I can't speak to the authenticity of their pies, though I have read that they are spot on. Hollywood Pies does not have seating, in fact, they don't even have a sign. This is not the kind of place you go for date night. This is the kind of place you pick up from or have delivered to you, pull on the comfy pants, park it on the couch and watch countless hours of TV {my perfect night}and eat your pie! They are working on expanding into the spot next door, and will have seating if/when that happens- so then you can put on real clothes and make a night out of it. But until this- I leave you with PIZZA!

A simple box containing greatness
This is the small pie- about the size of a fruit pie, but oh so hearty

Pizza in action- check out those layers!

I loved it! I want to have it again for sure. I think my heart belongs to a classic margherita thin crust pizza, but I tell ya- these kids from Chicago are on to something. Droolfest for sure!

Have you had the pizza from Hollywood Pies? What did you think? Have you had Chicago deep dish in Chicago? Tell us all about it!


Celebrating Memorial Day in a Naughty Way

Memorial Day is usually associated with the start of summer and while we still have just under a month till the first day of summer, we can start enjoying some of the things we love most about this most glorious season! I'll be at a barbeque with some of my best friends today, soaking up the season, enjoying a few cocktails, and snacking on a few delicious treats. For me, Memorial Day is aglow with nautical maritime pride and you can count on it that I'll be dressed accordingly on this most summertastic day!
Sail away! Via Sailboats and Seersucker
Maritime striped cotton-jersey dress from J. Crew

Via Eli-sabeth
Octopus Twinkle Clutch  and from Anthropologie
Anchor Twinkle Clutch from Anthro

Mac's Hey, Sailor! Lipstick
Chanel Regata Bracelet via Elle
Hermes Sandals via Southern Prep Brunette

Protect your tele with this iPhone case by Society 6

Wishing you a wonderful day off spent in the sun, with friends, and lots of bbq!


I Got Tonged

There are a few things in this world that should not exist. War is definitely high in the ranks. Poverty and starving babies surely make the cut. What also belongs on this list? Kangol hats. We all know that there is only one person who has permission to wear a Kangol hat, and that is Samuel L. Jackson. The man I met on yet another ill-fated Jdate, I assure you, was not Samuel L. Jackson.


I don’t really care about the anonymity of my Jdate, but to be honest, I don’t remember his name. So, we’ll call him David. We met in the parking lot of Gyu Kaku*, and during a brief moment of optimism and kindness, I decided I would overlook the Kangol hat. As evidenced by the last sentence, I’m really growing as a person. Or, I’m willing to settle. Whatever. We exchanged our awkward Jdate pleasantries and made our way into the restaurant, lucky to be seated quickly.

David was easy to talk to. Too easy. Like the type of easy where you just don’t care what the other person thinks, and not in a good way. You’re not trying. You’re not fighting for anything. You’re having a fine enough time, but you also have this type of fine enough time with a co-worker you’re not quite friends with.

Our raw food hadn’t arrived yet and I noticed David fidgeting with the tongs that the restaurant provides to cook the food with. He started trying to grab the napkin up off the table. He moved on the sugar and sweet ‘n low packages. He tried to tong the straw out of his drink. And then he tried to tong my breast. Or, more specifically, my nipple. What in Aspergers hell just happened? All that I could manage to sputter out of my mouth was “Uh….??????” All he could manage to come up with was a shrug and a smirk.

I wish I could say that I slammed my napkin on the table, said something witty and ended it with a “I said good day, sir!” But, I didn’t. I awkwardly inched back and put a stink face on for the rest of the night.

Needless to say, I didn’t return his second date proposal, sent via text (!), the following day. In the end, it was just the clich├ęd classic tale of girl meets boy on Jdate. Girl and boy meet at Japanese BBQ restaurant. Boy gives girl a titty twister with tongs.

*Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ is a great dinner date. Besides the food being just delightful, the whole cooking the food yourself thing can really spark conversation and add a bit of laughter when the meat gets overcooked**.
**I just want to note that there is nothing less laughter inducing than undercooked meat. Ecoli is not funny. No one says, “Oh, I went on this great date and contracted the Ecoli virus from undercooked meat.” Never.

Carly, 32, Los Angeles


Secret Spaces + Bouchon Bakery

Sometimes you find a spot so wonderful, so soothing, and so perfect that it becomes your go to. You go there when you need alone time, with a friend, take out of towners, or just because the weather is perfect. I stumbled upon this kind of incredible little courtyard in Beverly Hills at the Montage- it's not exactly hidden or a secret, but it never seems too crowded. There are two fountains, chairs, grass, people watching, and most importantly it's right at the footsteps of Bouchon Bakery, which you would never know is there unless you went looking for it. Bouchon Bakery has such lovely (sometimes lovely really just is the only word to describe things...and lovely it is!) treats (try the macarons, the Thomas Keller Oreo/TKO, or any of the tarts), sandwiches, and beverages. I am a huge fan of their nicoisse sandwich, hot vanilla, and probably any little treat they have. I read awhile about the Kouign Amann being incredible, but that is usually sells out quickly so you have to get there early if you want to try it. I scored big time one day when I had the day off from work and decided to take myself on a date and pick up Bouchon treats and they still had the Kouign Amann, so naturally I had to have it! It's kind of like a croissant with all it's flakey layers, but it's more buttery (if that were possible), sweeter, but what sets it apart is the way it caramelizes! I could only have a few bites and took the rest home for me Mister. Now, their Hot Vanilla is really worth talking about. It's basically steamed milk with vanilla, but it's a homemade vanilla bean simple syrup and while that is a pretty basic thing, it's something actually really special! It's probably one of the most comforting hug-in-a-cup kinds of bevvies you could imagine! Basically like a hot marshmallow milk shake.

Does it get any more serene? Nope!

Nicoisse sandwich on homemade bread, with incredible tuna salad,
radishes, lettuce, and a layer of tapenade
Hot Vanilla and Kouign Amann

Up close and flaky!!

Do you have any tucked away favorite places you keep going back to? And...have you indulged in the Kouign Amann?


Lately Loving: Essie's Spring Colors

You guys- I did not have a good day yesterday. It was one of those days that I woke up feeling like I wanted to cry for no reason, and then nothing went right and everything I did I felt like I didn't do it well, straight up did it wrong and had to do over, and well- yesterday was a fail! I came home and was completely exhausted. I should have gone for a pedicure or to get a massage. Instead I fell asleep on the couch for an early evening snooze. I woke up still a bit bummed out from my colossal wash of a day, watched some Pregnant in Heels (did you watch? What a nightmare that little girl was, huh!? And doesn't it seems so many of the husbands on the show seem gay? Have you noticed that? Anyway, I digress...), and looked at my lackluster nails and wish I really had gone for a mani and pedi. My new favorite shades would surely rescue this bad day, right? I think so. I might as well share my favorite colors with you- my favorites!

It's no secret that I love nail polish, Essie in particular.  I have searched high and low for the perfect coral color. Look no further friends- Mango Bango!

Mango Bango

I was also in search of a peach color and I have really been loving A Crewed Interest. Lately I've been into using Essie's Luxe Effects As Gold as it Gets top coat on top of this and I really like the effect.

A Crewed Interest

As Gold as it Gets

I also really love Clam Bake, but I haven't gotten around to buying it yet. I think I might need to treat myself to a new color or a manicure to test it out!
Clam Bake

What are your favorite nail polish shades right now? Also- what do you do for yourself to shake a really tough day? Or do you have those days that you just feel you could cry if anyone even looked at you slightly weird? How do you get rid of those?


Brunch at Street

I bought a Bloomspot deal a few months ago for a tempting offer I couldn't turn down- brunch at Street including endless champagne cocktails, Croatian apple fritters, plus two entrees of our choice. Because I salivatr at the mere thought of kaya toast, this offer was a no brainer! I took my dear friend Liz {Elizabeth Zuluaga Photography} over the weekend and OH MY GOODNESS- t'was delicious!

We sat on the patio under the orange awnings- hence the orange glow on all our food, made for a magical, brunchy, boozy kind of afternoon!
complementary grain puff thingies made with spices and marshmallows

blackberry champagne cocktail and
guava with lime and champagne (my fave!)

Croatian apple fritters with whisky cider sauce and apple butter

spicy roasted chilaquiles with guacamole and chorizo

the one, the only- kaya toast!

 This was my first brunch experience at Street. I've been for dinner several times and it never disappoints. If you haven't been because you think things maybe sound a little weird, I advise you to trust the Feniger and go!

What are your favorite dishes from Street?


I Scream You Scream We All Scream

For Ice Cream!

The weather is heating up and I have been craving ice cream in a bad way! I had some delicious gelato on Friday with friends in Silverlake at Pazzo Gelato and instead of satisfying my sweet tooth it seems to have fueled it! I've been wanting to pay a visit to Coolhaus, which may need to happen soon- ice cream date anyone? I usually settle for a Yogurtland run, but I'm really craving something like this-
A recipe for Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk
Chocolate Ice Cream in a pretzel cone from Love From the Oven
Dulce de Leche from Heat Oven to 350

Goat cheese and cherries from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Peanut butter cup ice cream from Recipe Girl
Malted vanilla ice cream with chocolate crackle from Suddenly, Spring
Crumbled cookie ice cream with espresso caramel from Seven Spoons

Drool! What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Do you have a favorite ice cream shop? You know we'd love to hear about it!


The Face Licker

You know what day it is, here's your Date Night Friday treat- warning, it's an unsettling tale!

Probably the most awkward is because it was - no, it IS - so disturbing.

I was 16... I met this guy - let's call him Steve - when I was out with friends. I think we were at the mall. Anyway, we ended up exchanging phone numbers and a few days later decided to go on a date. So the plan was that I was going to drive to his house (his mom wanted to meet me first) and then he would drive us to dinner and then I'd drive myself home after.

Everything was going fine until we got to the restaurant and it was closed. So instead of just picking another restaurant, he said "Let's go visit my friends." Weird, but I went along with it. He drove an old pickup truck with bench seats and somewhere along the way to his friend's house, he INSISTED that I scoot to the middle. The conversation was pretty typical teenager high school stuff, getting to know each other but then he asked me if I was a virgin. Woah.

"Oh, well... Is it going to bother you if I'm not?"
"Cool. Yeah, I actually lost my virginity when I was 12. But not like how you would think."

What? Like how I would think? It wasn't a conversation I even wanted to have, and I realized he was baiting me into asking him how, but he didn't even wait for me to say it.

"The first time I had sex was with a guy."

I don't remember how old he said the guy was, but it wasn't another 12 year old... It was a man; an adult man. So he goes on to tell me details about it (like I even wanted to know) and I'm just sitting there thinking, "How the hell do I get out of here?" I sort of laughed uncomfortably at the parts where he laughed and "Mmmhmm"-ed and nodded through his story, pretending like it wasn't weird at all to hear someone describe the girth of their penis as being the size of the cardboard from a roll of toilet paper. Then it happened. He hit a red light at the same time his story ended. We sat in awkward silence for a few moments until, in the swiftest of movements, he actually licked the side of my face. I remember moving away and wiping my face in utter disgust and looking at him like he just insulted my grandmother.

"What the hell was that?!"
"Kiss me!"

So not only am I 16 years old, listening to my date describe his first love without realizing he was molested, but now he's all turned on by it and trying to take it out on me. It was so twisted. This guy seriously believed that what happened to him was okay. I could've handled dating a guy who was bi-sexual I guess, but not someone who thinks it's normal and loving for grown men to have sex with 12 year old boys. I scooted back to the passenger seat and said I wouldn't kiss him while he was driving. We got to his friend's house and I didn't say a word. Eventually, after what seemed like the longest night of my life, he drove me back to his house. I got in my car, left, and never looked back. I was not able to process what he had told me, not nearly mature enough to explain to him how I felt about his story. I think back on that night and get the same heebie jeebies now that I did back then.

This tale of dating terror comes from Mary Beth, 27, Long Beach, CA

If you have a dating disaster to share, email me


Robata Jinya

I.love.happy.hour! What is better than happy hour? Happy hour with good food deals, that's what! We stumbled upon Robata Jinya a few months ago and it's known around here as the holy grail of happy hours. Cheap drinks, not just cheap food- but it's GOOD! Huge menu with robata style skewers that are all priced well to start, sushi, rolls, ramen- oh my! They have spicy tuna on crispy rice on their happy hour menu and I could get mushy on my love of spicy tuna on crispy rice- I mean...it's just so amazing! Next time you're on 3rd Street and looking for a good happy hour nibble, this is your spot!

trio of sauces for skewered meats

tsukune (chicken meatballs) and chashu pork

chicken thigh

spicy tuna on crispy rice

creamy shrimp tempura

shishito peppers and shitake mushrooms

...oh yeah- and $3 sapporo. Yum! Have you been to Robata Jinya? What are your favorite happy hour haunts? We are always looking to try something new!


Lately Loving: Vanille

A few weeks ago I was in Anthropologie (I know, I'm predictable!) and caught a whiff of something delicious. I was determined to track and down and go home with this amazing, sweet scent. I sniffed my way to a bottle of Vanille by Outremer. I mentioned I've been into vanilla lately when I bought some Pacifica perfumes recently (and the sweet Brown Sugar perfume by Fresh), but this scent was something really special and it had to be mine. To my delight, this magic spray was only $18- done deal! I've been wearing this a lot lately, so if you've been around me and think I smell like a cupcake bakery, now you know why. Another big plus for me with this perfume is that the scent actually lasts! It's so disappointing when you find a good fragrance but it disappears on you after an hour- won't happen with Vanille!

Have you smelled this? Are you obsessed??

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