Lately Loving: Pacifica

I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for Pacifica products. I hadn't used them before, but had seen them at Sephora and heard good things from girlfriends. After debating which products and scents for an obscene amount of time that probably puts me in a category of clinically insane with an inability to make decisions, I finally settled on 3 scents (but still wanting to try one of their vanilla scents): Mediterranean Fig, Indian Coconut Nectar, and Tuscan Blood Orange. I ordered 2 roll on perfumes and a spray. They also carry lotions, candles, diffusers, and lip balms.

The fig is pleasant and while I liked it, it didn't thrill me the way the other 2 scents did. I really like the Indian Coconut Nectar- it's got a whisper of vanilla in a not to sweet way and just the right amount of suntan lotion touch. The Tuscan Blood Orange is the star of this show. It smells nothing like orange juice, so don't make assumptions. It's just this incredible tangy and fresh scent. It's completely invigorating and blends nicely with the Indian Coconut Nectar on days when I can't make up my mind, which is clearly a problem.

Have you tried Pacifica fragrances? Any favorite scents or products?

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