Hollywood Pies

Something had long been missing from my life. In general I feel complete, but I always knew there was this little something missing. When I heard Hollywood Pies opened in my neighborhood my heart fluttered. Chicago style pizza- this is what was missing! I had never tried it. It sounded delicious and was only a matter of time before this pie would be mine. Thick pie-like crust, zesty tomato sauce, a layer of cheese, and chunks of Italian sausage- YES! I've never been to Chicago (yet), so I can't speak to the authenticity of their pies, though I have read that they are spot on. Hollywood Pies does not have seating, in fact, they don't even have a sign. This is not the kind of place you go for date night. This is the kind of place you pick up from or have delivered to you, pull on the comfy pants, park it on the couch and watch countless hours of TV {my perfect night}and eat your pie! They are working on expanding into the spot next door, and will have seating if/when that happens- so then you can put on real clothes and make a night out of it. But until this- I leave you with PIZZA!

A simple box containing greatness
This is the small pie- about the size of a fruit pie, but oh so hearty

Pizza in action- check out those layers!

I loved it! I want to have it again for sure. I think my heart belongs to a classic margherita thin crust pizza, but I tell ya- these kids from Chicago are on to something. Droolfest for sure!

Have you had the pizza from Hollywood Pies? What did you think? Have you had Chicago deep dish in Chicago? Tell us all about it!


  1. i'm ordering tomorrow! and am very excited!

  2. this looks INSANE!! Can we have it for a Bachelor/ette viewing sometime down the road?? Are there veggie options?? I am now majorly drooling


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