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I feel like I've been hearing about BB Cream everywhere lately. On TV, in magazines, at the drugstore- it's BB Cream fever! But what IS this super popular cream everyone is buzzing about? I was determined to find out and I'm happy to share the spoils of my research with all of you! This weekend I stopped by Smashbox to get a crash course in all things BB Cream..and some other fun make up finds that I'll tell you about later! So here's the deal. BB Cream, which is short for Blemish Balm, was first created in Germany and originally used as a cream for post surgical and laser procedures. It was big in Asia and employed whitening properties and is now making it's way into the American market. It's pretty much an all in one product giving you primer, foundation, sun screen, oil control, and moisturizer. Kinda sounds like a miracle product right? Well, it kinda is!
Smashbox BB Cream
I typically moisturize my skin with Hope in a Jar before using any make up and then use Benefit's Pore-fessional and my usual make up routine and I'm out the door. I rarely use foundation because I don't like too much coverage, but what I am loving about Smashbox's BB Cream is that it covers like a tinter moisturizer. It's very light coverage, but just enough where it gives you a flawless base. A little goes a long way and a good tip I was given was to work in sections. So no dabbing spots all over your face and then blend. Squirt just a pea sized amount on the back of your hand and then use your fingers to apply and blend. I like to use a lightly dampened make up sponge to blend. BB Cream does hydrate, but I still like to use my moisturizer underneath and you could also use an additional primer if you have one you're partial to. This is really a great product and make up lasts on top of it throughout the day. Smashbox's BB Cream is priced at $39 which is actually a pretty great price considering how little you need and how long one tube will last. Pretty much every beauty brand is making a BB Cream and one of the selling points for me with Smashbox was the variations of shades available.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on BB Creams and if you've found one you like or feel free to ask any questions you might have as well.

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  1. I too have been hearing about it for a WHILE- especially reading about how popular it is in Japan. I wanted to try a cheaper version before I committed to a more expensive brand so I headed to my beloved Target and picked up Garnier's version for about 12 bucks.

    I LOVE IT!! It has a thick consistency but provides sheer coverage and blends effortlessly. It's become a daily staple for me and I feel no need to "upgrade".


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