Let's Get This Party Started!

So why not go all out and have a bash?! My husband took {good}care of making arrangements for providing food while I got a little decor DIY happy. I mentioned a project for a big 3-0 inspired by Oh Happy Day awhile ago and promised photos of the finished project. I draped a garland from the amazing Everly Lane above the numbers as a backdrop for our food and bar. We finished off the evening by making s'more and Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches making for a pretty sweet night!

A little washi tape dressed up notes about cocktails and we took some store bought margarita mix to the next level by muddling cucumber and jalapenos as well as lemons and limes in glass containers.

The jalapeno and cucumber addition to the margarita was a crowd pleaser.
I will definitely do this again!
One of my favorite DIY projects was creating a photobooth for our guests to play in all night. We hung mylar fringe and draped various textured garlands over it and used a wireless remote along with my DSLR on a tripod to get the pictures. We put a basket full of props out and let the magic happen! This was really a pretty easy and affordable project and I'm so happy to have these photos- I think the guests had a good time as well!

Mr. & Mrs. Bundt!
K, L, Alison of The Wedding Yentas, and her hubby B
Liz of Elizabeth Zuluaga Photography
My gaggle of girlies

 Do you have any fun party projects that have been a big hit for you? Sharing is caring!

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