Secret Spaces + Bouchon Bakery

Sometimes you find a spot so wonderful, so soothing, and so perfect that it becomes your go to. You go there when you need alone time, with a friend, take out of towners, or just because the weather is perfect. I stumbled upon this kind of incredible little courtyard in Beverly Hills at the Montage- it's not exactly hidden or a secret, but it never seems too crowded. There are two fountains, chairs, grass, people watching, and most importantly it's right at the footsteps of Bouchon Bakery, which you would never know is there unless you went looking for it. Bouchon Bakery has such lovely (sometimes lovely really just is the only word to describe things...and lovely it is!) treats (try the macarons, the Thomas Keller Oreo/TKO, or any of the tarts), sandwiches, and beverages. I am a huge fan of their nicoisse sandwich, hot vanilla, and probably any little treat they have. I read awhile about the Kouign Amann being incredible, but that is usually sells out quickly so you have to get there early if you want to try it. I scored big time one day when I had the day off from work and decided to take myself on a date and pick up Bouchon treats and they still had the Kouign Amann, so naturally I had to have it! It's kind of like a croissant with all it's flakey layers, but it's more buttery (if that were possible), sweeter, but what sets it apart is the way it caramelizes! I could only have a few bites and took the rest home for me Mister. Now, their Hot Vanilla is really worth talking about. It's basically steamed milk with vanilla, but it's a homemade vanilla bean simple syrup and while that is a pretty basic thing, it's something actually really special! It's probably one of the most comforting hug-in-a-cup kinds of bevvies you could imagine! Basically like a hot marshmallow milk shake.

Does it get any more serene? Nope!

Nicoisse sandwich on homemade bread, with incredible tuna salad,
radishes, lettuce, and a layer of tapenade
Hot Vanilla and Kouign Amann

Up close and flaky!!

Do you have any tucked away favorite places you keep going back to? And...have you indulged in the Kouign Amann?

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