Lately Loving: The Bachelor

I can't let this season pass without talking about it! I have watched The Bachelor for years and am a faithful fan. Do I think this show's process will lead to an everlasting love? Well, I think we can look at the track record that clearly points to NO! Regardless, I love this show! I have a tradition of getting together with girlfriends for collective snarky comments- that's really what it's all about for me! I love spending the time with my friends and rallying around or against our favorite contestants vying for the heart of whichever Bachelor(ette) happens to be the object of their affection.

This season we have Bachelor Ben and his harem. This week he took the girls on fantasy dates to switzerland and is now down to 2 girls: Lindzi (with an "i") and Courtney. I don't particularly like Ben and I definitely DISLIKE Courtney. Lindzi can do better than this boy bachelor. I can't make it through an episode without yelling at the tv urging Ben to cut his hair or painfully having to watch Courtney purse her lips, talk about winning, and waving roses in front of her face. Ugh...she is the worst! What's the silver lining, you ask? Well, obviously Chris Harrison is the best and it's just so much fun to get sucked into this mess. Despite all this horrendousness, corny words that come out of Ben's mouth, and metaphors between pushing physical boundaries and relationships, I still love this show and can't stay away.

Do you watch Bachelor? What do you think of this season so far? Who do you want Ben to choose? What do you think about Emily as the next Bachelorette?


And the Oscar Goes to...

Oscar Sunday has come and gone. Highlights for me this year included, wonderful company, red carpet dazzlers (faves including- Michelle Williams, Bernice Bejo,  Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Cameron Diaz, and Emma Stone)  red carpet mayhem from Sascha Baron Cohen, and Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrel banging symbols in Brangelina's face. Billy Crystal did a wonderful job presenting and I really enjoyed the format of this year's show, a much better presentation than last year's awkwardness.

This year R and I rolled out the red carpet (literally, we had one outside) for some friends for the show and treated them to an A list experience. We provided elegant eats, a champagne cocktail bar, and some Oscar games to entertain.  Here's a peak at the evening's treats and ritzy deets!

A look at the spread

Sparkly cake pops, "the slutty brownie" and various savory treats
Prosciutto, ricotta, balsamic glaze crostinis

Flatbread with artichoke lemon pesto, mushrooms, sundried tomato and manchego

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with manchego

Smoked deviled eggs

Home made Hummus

Caviar with creme fraiche on blinis

House cured salmon with creme fraiche on pumpernickel points
Truffle mouse pate with cornichons and mustard
Champagne glasses and their sparkly accessories

Fruit to adorn champagne cocktails- blood oranges and peaches

Champagne and St. Germain with a peach and blood orange

Pomegrante and champagne cocktails all dressed up

Cake truffles and chocolate bark with heath and marshmallows

Popcorn in glitzy "envelope please" bags for watching the show

Did you host or attend an Oscar party? Did you have any favorite red carpet looks or was there a moment of the show that stood out to you? Any winners you were excited about or that disappointed you? Let's hear it!

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Black and White

Black and White cookies from Annie's Eats

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Bacon and eggs. It's a classic combo and it will never go out of style.  Black and white is a dramatic pairing and when done right, it's glamorous, modern, and feminine.

Dress from Zara
Olivia Palermo from Fashion Indie

Stripes and sequins from Cupcakes and Cashmere

Black and white living room Decor Pad

Black and white striped wall with touches
of gold from Cococozy
Black and white umbrellas at the Parker Palm Springs from

Cake from AK Cake Design

Flowers from Hostess with the Mostess
Giftwrap from Hey Now Whoa Now
Setting the tone for a fabulous table from Ritzy Bee

Do you love black and white? Do you have a favorite color combination?

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Puttin' on the Ritz!

We are busy bees preparing for our Oscar party this weekend. We have been cooking, and curing, baking, and crafting to roll out the red carpets for our guests on Sunday. I can't give too much away before the big bash, but a sneak peak at some of what we have in store for our A-listers.

May I have the envelope please??

Gilded swizzle sticks for champagne cocktails

Award worthy cake truffles

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes footage after the main event! Are you planning to watch the Academy Awards? Did you have a favorite movie, actor, or score of the year? Who's fashion are you looking forward to seeing?

Have a most wonderful and glamorous weekend!



I had a 30% off code from Blackboard Eats for Yxta and after a lifetime day of craving Mexican food, it was time to check it out. After hearing good things about Yxta, I was excited to scope it out for myself. I'll admit that the driving to Yxta takes you through some seedy neighborhoods, but once inside, it's a better world- a good atmosphere, great food, and awesome cocktails!

Flag art on a large wall

Serrano Margarita

Camarones Al Ajillo - mexican sweet shrimp, mojo de ajo

Tacos Tinga de Pollo- pulled chicken with chipotle, savoy, mexican rice, frijoles olla
Rajas poblanas
While Loteria still has my Mexican food loving heart, I liked Yxta and would happily go back. It's always fun to try something new and I wasn't disappointed in the least!


Lately Loving: The No. 2 Pencil Skirt

About 6 months ago I bought a skirt that would change my life- The J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt.I've bought pencil skirts before, but none that fit me as well as this skirt does. I'm petite and lucky for me, they come in a petite. I now have 4 of these skirts and want them in every color. They look great with a sweater, with a blouse tucked in, or with a chambray shirt. These skirts are a great investment in your wardrobe and are such a versatile piece. Time for you to get shopping! You're welcome.

Do you wear the No. 2? Which colors do you have? Do you have another wardrobe staple? Spill your secrets!


Nickel Diner

Nickel Diner in downtown LA is not very new, it's not all that sexy, it doesn't have a Top Chef contestant, but it is a special place. Most of the dishes are comfort food and this is not health food. You go to Nickel Diner knowing that you are going to get an incredible, hearty bowl of chili, or the sloppiest sloppy joe. You don't go to snack on crudite. Nickel Diner is home to the maple bacon donut and it's a delicious one! It's a cozy little place that you can curl up in, eat a tasty meal, and then dive into any one of their amazing desserts.

Mural at the entry

A look at the decor

Pulled pork sandwich with onion rings

Cobb salad

Catfish with brussel sprouts and corn cakes

Dessert tray

Salty peanut butter chocolate cake

S'more cake gets flambeed!

Smells like a camp fire

Lemon Meringue on fire

A glass of milk is a must

And tucked away in the corner, the poster
from Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

Have you been to Nickel Diner? What did you think?
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