Robata Jinya

I.love.happy.hour! What is better than happy hour? Happy hour with good food deals, that's what! We stumbled upon Robata Jinya a few months ago and it's known around here as the holy grail of happy hours. Cheap drinks, not just cheap food- but it's GOOD! Huge menu with robata style skewers that are all priced well to start, sushi, rolls, ramen- oh my! They have spicy tuna on crispy rice on their happy hour menu and I could get mushy on my love of spicy tuna on crispy rice- I mean...it's just so amazing! Next time you're on 3rd Street and looking for a good happy hour nibble, this is your spot!

trio of sauces for skewered meats

tsukune (chicken meatballs) and chashu pork

chicken thigh

spicy tuna on crispy rice

creamy shrimp tempura

shishito peppers and shitake mushrooms

...oh yeah- and $3 sapporo. Yum! Have you been to Robata Jinya? What are your favorite happy hour haunts? We are always looking to try something new!

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