Buyer Beware: The Market Man

Happy Fridays friends! You've heard some pretty awkward and funny stories from readers the past few weeks (you can get caught up here and here if you missed them). I've heard from so many people that they have this hope of meeting their mate in a supermarket..well, this week- be careful what you wish for!


My mother often would tell me to dress nice when I go to the market as I never know who I might meet...

One Sunday afternoon, I get my lazy tush off the couch and head to Ralph's.  I look cute, decent, I think.  And I see someone out of the corner of my eyes, who looks hot but I say nothing and move to the next aisle.  I then am in the water/soda aisle, and the guy is there again.  This time, he approaches me, in a cut off shirt, looking like he just left the gym.  And he's good looking.  And asks me my name and I am kinda in shock that my mother's words about meeting people in markets was actually happening. I forget his name, but definitely not Jewish, which is what I am looking for.  Any way, he works in physical therapy, is nice and cute so we meet up again at the check-out aisle and I am still pleasantly surprised. He says bye and that he will be in touch...

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I get a call a day or two later and we go to dinner.  We walk to a nearby restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory.  And it turns out we both went to the same college but he graduated when I was still in middle school (yes, middle school, do the math).  Any way, we sit outside and conversation is so... freakin... slow.  I bring up the weather at some point (and I can usually talk to anyone).  I am so ready to go.  The waitress asks if we want dessert- I don't, I'm done in my mind.  He says, "yes!" We get cheesecake (and I am not a cheesecake fan) and when it arrives, he spoon feeds me my first bite. Note: I haven't been spoon fed since 1983.  We then walk back to my place and he grabs my hand- we are hand holding and I've been spoon fed and I've known the guy 2.5 hours.  We hug goodbye, and then an awkward call from him later that week... he wants to go out again, I say yes, because I am nice and then decide a few days later, to be honest.  I call and share that I am flattered but don't want to pursue anything romantic and I want to be upfront.  I thought he would appreciate and compliment my honesty, but instead he turned it on me and went off... saying some harsh words.  I don't remember exactly what he said but my jaw was definitely on the floor. I thought I'd get some karma points for being upfront.

I couldn't go to Ralph's for a few weeks after this as I feared running into him.  Eventually, I returned to my neighborhood market but I tell you, sometimes while in the water/soda aisle, I get PTSD by looking at Dasani water... I will never forget, "Market Man" and wish him well on his endeavors that thankfully, don't include me.

This tale of dating disaster comes from a female, 29, Los Angeles

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