Transmission LA

Mike D. curated Transmission LA which just ended at MOCA. I was so excited that my husband was able to score tickets for us to go the night James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) was spinning along with DJ Harvey. Hopefully you were able to check this out, but if not- here were a few of my highlights.

I have to say, it was hard to post this because you think Mike D- you think Beastie Boys, and of course you think of the recent passing of  the iconic Adam Yauch. I know so many of us are deeply saddened by this and it took me a few days to get this up because of this- I attended this event the evening before his passing. I can't speak for everyone, but so many of my friends love the Beastie Boys and their music and the way they shaped our culture was a big part of our formative years. To me- the Beastie Boys remind me of summer camp more than anything which was also such a huge part in shaping my character. I'm sure a lot of you have similar stories and feelings and it's been tough to process this loss of a man at such a young age. It's with a lot of sadness that I talk about this. I know he'll be missed of course by his family, the Beasties, his friends, and definitely by the fans. We'll miss you MCA!

This was a video loop of butterflies that was by the
same artist as the 2 pieces below.

Not just for show, these were blasting some great music

This was my absolutely highlight. These pinwheels were propelled by fans
and it felt like being in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, sans candy!

Espresso/Coffee bar

this reminded me of Nick Cave's Soundsuits

Mercedes' new concept style coupe. Don't mind if I do!

James Murphy
Always a fan favorite!

beer garden

Did any of you attend this event? I'd love to hear what you thought? This was really such a unique event and not at all what you expect when you think "museum"- which is what I loved about it. It was interactive, loud- both audibly and visually, and not at all stuffy. And because The Beastie Boys are just beyond cool- it was a real treat to see what Mike D. put together!

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