Sotto is tucked away under Picca Restaurant on Pico and you'd almost miss it if you didn't know it was there. When you walk in the smell of the wood burning ovens immediately slap you in the face in the best way possible. The cocktail menu is unique and worth ordering from and the wine list isn't so bad either. I went with a Paloma Italiana and my friend had a Grappa Don't Preach- crowd pleasers! The menu is a tough one, not because it's sparse, but because everything sounds amazing and it's pretty hard to make decisions. It's an "I'll have one of everything" situation. Since we had to make choose, we ordered some bread with lardo pestato (yes, that's fat...deal with it!) which was one of the things I remember hearing was a must order item, the pork meatballs (which have set a new standard for me in the world of meat balls), the spicy clams in guazzetto, and the Neapolitan style margherita pizza. Since we were both celebrating birthdays, we treated ourselves to a canoli. We ordered too much- woops, that tends to happen! The pizza made for a pretty nice lunch the following day! And on that note, droooool...

Margherita pizza

Grappa Don't Preach and Paloma Italiana
Bread with lardo pestato

Pork meat{AMAZE}balls with pecorino and snap peas

Clams with the broth that dreams are made of

Canoli heaven

Have you been to Sotto? What did you eat? I hope you had those meatballs!

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