Lately Loving: Vanille

A few weeks ago I was in Anthropologie (I know, I'm predictable!) and caught a whiff of something delicious. I was determined to track and down and go home with this amazing, sweet scent. I sniffed my way to a bottle of Vanille by Outremer. I mentioned I've been into vanilla lately when I bought some Pacifica perfumes recently (and the sweet Brown Sugar perfume by Fresh), but this scent was something really special and it had to be mine. To my delight, this magic spray was only $18- done deal! I've been wearing this a lot lately, so if you've been around me and think I smell like a cupcake bakery, now you know why. Another big plus for me with this perfume is that the scent actually lasts! It's so disappointing when you find a good fragrance but it disappears on you after an hour- won't happen with Vanille!

Have you smelled this? Are you obsessed??

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