Lately Loving: 50 Shades of Grey Dream Casting

The last time I talked about 50 Shades of Grey was like a coming out party for me. I had lifted my veil of 50 shades of shame and now I am out and proud of my 50 shades fever! Like actual fevers, it's highly contagious and the fever has spread rampant. Most of my friends have or are reading the books as well and frankly it's hard to not talk about Christian and Ana for hours and hours. As the movie is becoming a reality, women everywhere are fantasizing about who they want to play each and every character. Will we see Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey, will it be Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer, or will it be a less likely choice?  What about Ana- who do you want to play Ms. Steele? Thoughts on Elliot and Mia Grey? What about the despicable Jack Hyde? What about Kate Kavanaugh and her brother Ethan?

Many a text have gone back and forth with friends about who we want to see in the movie and enough talk, it was time to take to Pinterest and see this come alive! My friend Shannon hit the ground running with her dream cast and we created a board with all our picks. Did we bring your image of Christian to life? Take a look at our picks here!

I'm dying to know who you want to see as Christian, Ana, and the entire 50 Shades gang. Please share all your 50 shades of thoughts!


  1. Ok...here we go!

    Christian Grey: Armie Hammer
    Ana Steele: Elizabeth Olsen
    Kate: Blake Lively
    Elliot: James Franco
    Mia: Lucy Hale
    Mrs. Grace Trevelyan-Grey: Patricia Clarkson
    Mr. Carrick Grey: Alec Baldwin or Stellan Skarsgard
    Ethan: Chace Crawford????
    Taylor: Ed Harris
    Ms. Jones: Hellen Mirren or Emma Thompson
    Jack: Someone almost good looking, but slimy!
    Jose: Who cares?

  2. Oh yeah...Mrs. Robinson! Sharon Stone

  3. Ok first of all i love that you guys created a pinterest board - genius. Second, i think you guys nailed the cast! Well, most anyway. Here are my favs of your picks:
    grey-armie hammer
    ana-love emilia
    taylor-jason statham (i mean, perfect for the role)
    rachel leigh cook-leila
    garret hedlun-ethan
    darly as elena
    cilian as jack hyde
    alexis deinisof as dr flynn (yum)
    blaiar redford-jose

    Although, I'm still pretty keen on Sailene Woodley as Ana. I mean, she would be perfect. Look at this photo. it's like meant to be: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0940362/


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