A1 Cucina

Be still my burrata loving heart for you have found a friend in eggplant ragu at A1 Cucina. I have a serious burrata problem in that I cannot pass up a dish whose main feature is creamy burrata. It's an impossible task, so why fight it? Clearly there was no question that I would try this combo of burrata and eggplant, even if I'm not always on board with eggplant. Good thing I stepped outside my not so restricting boundaries because this was pretty delicious! I had not been to A1 Cucina since it was Il Buco not long ago, and I like what they've done with the place. The menu is good, the location is easy, and the prices are pretty decent- a recipe for a repeat experience!

burrata, eggplant, onions, tomato, fennel pollen ragu

Potato pizza with onions, guanciale, mozzarella

Forgive the orange glow on this bombolotti
with fresh artichokes, mint and pecorino cheese 

Have you been to A1 Cucina? Thoughts? Also, what's your favorite way to enjoy burrata??

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