Better in Leather

Maybe it's the 50 Shades or maybe it's watching Matthew McConaughey strut his magical moves in Magic Mike, but lately I can't get my mind off finding the perfect black leather jacket. I've wanted one for awhile, but the search is really gearing up. Even in this heat I am dead set on finding my new acquisition. Do you ever get the itch for a very particular article of clothing or accessory and get consumed by this need? Maybe it's just me (entirely possible) but I am literally obsessed with this task to the point of dreaming about it. The only problem? I've yet to actually find a real jacket that matches the one I have conjured up in my head. I don't want it too motocross, too punk, too long, too short, too trendy, or too blazer-like, and I'd love it to be lambskin. I've seen pictures of jackets that are ALMOST perfect, but then I can't seem to track them down, let alone afford the ones I really covet! For now, here's some shopping inspiration.

Chanel Leather Jacket
Via Late Night Fashion

Jacket from Plumo
Via Lily

Elie Tahari


Via They All Hate Us

Via I Love Wildfox
What do you think about leather jackets? Do you have one? What style do you like? What are you currently obsessing over to find? 

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