Apparently the theme of the week for me is "better late than never"- first jumping on the white jean bandwagon and now I've finally popped my Katsuya cherry! How has it taken me this long to go? Well, I actually know why- I am loyal to my beloved favorite, Boss Sushi, and firmly believe no sushi place is better. Life AK (after Katsuya) still has me thinking nothing is better than my Boss! I do have to give credit where credit is due and I definitely enjoyed my meal at Katsuya*. The spicy tuna on crispy rice ranks amongst the best I've had and the creamy shrimp spicy tuna roll was something other wordly. Our robata bites were tasty, but my robata allegiance still stands strong with Nanbankan (if you haven't heard of this, and chances are good you haven't because it's hard to find and definitely a word by mouth spot, I suggest you do some research and check it out). All in all, Katsuya was no revelation for me, but it was delicious! Would I go again, yes! Did it change my life? Sadly, it did not. Am I now craving spicy tuna on crispy rice? Ugh...YES!

Spicy tuna on crispy rice-- DROOL!
Sushi and a crab roll I'd like to forget

Creamy Rock Shimp on Spicy Tuna Roll
Robata tastiness: Short Rib, Chicken Tsukune, Avocado, and Scallops
I've heard the one of the Katsuyas in the valley is superior to this Brentwood location. I'll have to further investigate and report back! What do you guys think about Katsuya? Hype? Devotees? Speak out!

*Note, I said I enjoyed my "meal", but I can't say I whole heatedly enjoyed the entire experience. Tomorrow's post will delve into great detail of what went wrong. Hint- it's not what you think- bad service, loud diners next to us, hair in my food- no..that would have been a dream compared to what we endured! Stay tuned for that, you won't want to miss!

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