This is an actual email sent by Bundts of Steel Contributor, Carly Eskin, to Katsuya regarding our little problem with our Katsuya experience. Enjoy!!

Hi Katsuya Brentwood,

I want to start this email off by saying that your spicy tuna on crispy rice was simply delightful. And your tempura shrimp with that spicy sauce was delish. But, you know what wasn't delish? 

These people:

Actually, they were more than just not delish, they were outright disgusting. 

Basically what I'm trying to convey here is that they really put me off my meal. So much so that I felt compelled to write you and let you know that they ruined my meal. I'll give you a run down of my evening.

My friend and I went to the Viceroy in Santa Monica to a charity event dubbed "A Night of Beauty". What it was in reality was a night of doody. They promised blow outs for your hair, free shoes, massages, manicures and other various treats. They were also handing out Pop Chips in their giveaway bag. I saw a lot of people got chile lime flavor...I ended up with PLAIN. Who wants plain Pop Chips? Not me. It left a bland taste in my mouth; pun INTENDED! Oh, and the sandals I got are a half size too big, the blow out wasn't a blow out at all - just some curling and styling AND to top it off I didn't get my brows done. I was starting to look like a full on Groucho Marx impersonator. Not an attractive look, am I right? Anyway, a night of doody was disappointing. My friend and I decided that we needed a treat. What soothes a disappointed heart better than sushi? Nothing! 

We both had never been to Katsuya, so this was a long anticipated treat. She is quite the foodie, and a blogger I might add! (check her out at www.bundtsofsteel.blogspot.com!) We were seated in record time and our lovely server was very helpful. Everything was coming up roses until both sets of our eyes got fixated on what can only be described as the most inappropriately affectionate couple to ever burn my retinas. And, like a horrible car crash on the 405, we both couldn't take our eyes off of it. My grilled avocado tasted less amazing. The salmon a little less fresh. The blue crab roll was uneatable.  

It is to be noted that this couple were seated when we got to the restaurant. And, they were there even after we left. They wouldn't leave. They wouldn't stop nibbling on each others ears either! How am I supposed to praise Katsuya and recommend it to future diners if all I can think of is the fondling that went on while I was trying to enjoy my meal? I'm no prude, but I'm also no exhibitionist. 

I'm sure that their meal wasn't very cost effective for you. I have already mentioned that they spent too much time making out...time that could have been spent on other customers coming in and using their seats. And, I have to add, they were given two seats but only needed one since she was in his lap the whole night. You could have had more patrons and that would have equaled more money for SBE. 

So, I just had to get this off my chest*.

Thank you,


*As I wrote that sentence, all I could think of was him grabbing her chest...see how affected I am by this!?!? PTSD! 

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