Lately Loving: Mini Poms

Not a Mini Pom, but a super fabulous corsage
 I'm not exactly talking about Pomeranians, although I do have a soft spot for all things pooch. I'm talking about the mini poms from ban.do. These are fabulous little multi taskers- you can wear them in your hair, on your blouse, I suppose on your bag, or anywhere else you are clever enough to sport them.

THE Mini Pom
I have had my eyes on these little cuties for a solid year now and I finally took the plunge and treated myself. It came in the mail yesterday (with some cute packaging I might add) and I have so many plans of wearing this everywhere, starting with that bun that finds it's way on top of my head at some point almost everyday. I'm starting my collection off with a bright fuschia pink called Bougainvilla, but I'm sure I'll quickly add a coral or electric blue. I also have my heart set, literally, on one of these little cuties. If you're a bride looking to add a little pizzazz to your bridal style or have your bridesmaids don a little something special, check out their black label and bridal collections.

So many ban.do treats! Do you have a favorite??

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