Son of a Gun

My pilgrimage to Son of a Gun was long over due and finally came in the form of our wedding anniversary dinner. After eating at Animal several years ago, I knew I would be in for a treat- and I was! This was one of those epic meals where everything is just amazing and it's hard to choose a favorite dish, but if I had to- it might have to be the steelhead roe for it's originality and resemblance to bagel, cream cheese, and lox (an all time favorite breakfast food).

Moscow Mule

Prawns with melted butter

Hamachi crudo with cherries

Lobster roll

Smoked steelhead roe with maple cream,
and pumpernickel crisps

Smoked trout with market lettuce, grapefruit,
and buttermilk tarragon dressing

Rock fish with crema and tomatillo salsa

I am practically drooling recalling this dinner. There really aren't that many good seafood restaurants in LA, which is odd considering our proximity to the ocean and our love for fish. Son of a Gun is such a gem and my only problem with the restaurant is that I couldn't try everything on the menu. I look forward to going back for the fried chicken sandwich which I hear is AMAZING!

Have you been to Son of a Gun? What did you think? Any stand outs in your meal? Do you have a favorite place to go for seafood?

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