Lately Loving: White Jeans

Once again, I'm late to this party! I finally just got white jeans a few months ago and let me just say- it's about time! I have wanted them for the past few summers, but held out for two crucial reasons. 1- Cleanliness. I mean, these are WHITE PANTS. How am I expected to keep them clean? That alone was a huge deterrent for me. 2- It's been engrained in my head my whole life that black is a slimming color. The are I want to emphasize least are my thighs and it seems counter intuitive to want to put a white tailored garment right at my problem area- like HELLLOOOO like at my thighs and my big butt. You know what- these fears still hold true, but I really do love a crisp white jean in the summer and it's a really nice break from the blue denim.

If you kiss enough frogs you will eventually find our prince (I don't actually recommend kissing frogs, but the saying rolls off the tongue so much better than "kiss enough losers"), and this holds true for finding a nice pair of good fitting jeans- and it really is QUITE the process. Literally every girl I know has an issue with finding pants that fit! For me the problem is that I'm short, but I have a butt. This combo doesn't always fair well with jean construction. The placement of the knee is often where my calf is and this causes an unacceptable gap-ing at my knees. Such a problem! I digress...I finally caved into buying a super flattering pair of Citizens with just a bit of a flare! HALLELUJAH! It was an arduous process to find white jeans that I loved and these have quickly become a staple of some of my favorite outfits. I had these jeans tailored (because even petite jeans for me are way too long) to wear them with heels, and then I realized- I want another pair to be worn more casually. So I set out to find a skinny jean in white and struck gold this weekend. So it's official- summer uniform- colorful top and white jeans. Perfect worn casually for day and dressed up for night.

I'm so happy I finally took the white jean plunge and would love to know- do you wear white jeans? AND-- what are some of your problems with finding pants that fit well. I know you all have this problem! They are too short, too long, don't fit well in the waist, they fit in the waist, and not in the thigh...oh and the list goes on!!!

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