Boss Sushi

Oh Boss- how I love thee! I have a lot to say about my love of Boss Sushi, so get ready. Boss is on La Cienega just south of Wilshire and you probably haven't really noticed it when you've driven by because it doesn't look like much on the outside. Take a closer look. Oh wait, it doesn't look like much on the inside either. It's not it's flashy neighbor down the street, Koi (LET DOWN), though it does see it's share of celebrities from time to time (hi Jane Lynch and Drew Carey). Boss isn't really about the ambiance, I mean, it's not a strip mall spot with a sticky table or plastic chair, but it's just really about the food here. The mere mention of "Boss" makes me salivate and I'll probably have to make a Boss run after I write this because it's that crave-tastic.

There are certain dishes I have to order everytime I go to Boss- the first is the spicy tuna tartare. I know what you're thinking- you've had spicy tuna tartare and once you've had one you've had them all. WRONG! It's different here. It's a mound of spicy tuna deliciousness on a wonton crisp with orange and yellow (and sometimes black) sauces that are sweet, and a squiggle of wasabi cream. This is one of my favorite sushi dishes ever. When you go to Boss, and you should go to Boss, you must get this. Boss has maybe 30 rolls on their menu and each is more delicious than the last. I should mention, Boss is not for the sushi fan who just wants a piece of fish and to be left alone. Boss is for the more adventurous sushi fan who wants a little sauce and a lot of flavor with their food. I've had most of their rolls in the years that I've been going there. Rolls are 8 generously sized pieces and can be pretty filling. The fish could not be more fresh, so that isn't even a question. A few rolls to highlight- the Fire De Kaz, Ellen Roll, Nate Blondes (probably my favorite if I absolutely had to choose), and the dragon rolls. A note about the Nate Blondes roll- it's tuna on the outside with jalapeno, spicy tuna and avocado on the inside, and just smothered in the tastiest oils ever- a ponzu mix like you've never tasted, and it's sushi perfection. I've eaten at A LOT of sushi places in this city and after I ate at Boss, other places just fell short.

THE spicy tuna tartare

Albacore, salmon (even better with mango on top), and yellowtail

Salmon Skin

The one and only, Nate Blondes Roll

Stop into Boss, order some Nigori sake, a selection of rolls, sushi, maybe something from the kitchen, and you will be in for a treat. If you can't decide because everything sounds delicious, sit in Tom's section and just let him send things out to you, that never fails. You're welcome!


  1. I just drooled on my keyboard. That all looks absolutely delicious!

  2. it really is delicious, insanely so!


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