Lately Loving: Brow Tech

I think you get it by now that when I like a brand, I tend to stock up. You know I'm crazy in love with Fresh products, but I'm checking out some of Smashbox's best sellers (like their life changing BB Cream) and I'm not disappointed. Let me introduce you to Brow Tech- a combination of powders in 2 shades and a wax. Using an angled short bristled brush, you apply the darkest shade right at the base of your brow and then use the lighter shadow brushing upward in the same direction as your hair growth, essentially just filling it in, and then you use the same brush with the wax and also brush upward to keep your brows in place. I then use a brow brush and sweep them exactly as I want them. I have semi-problematic brows who can be unruly or can be easily over groomed and this little trick really helps put everything in its right place.

Brow Tech in Brunette

What other brow tricks do you have up your sleeves? Any favorite Smashbox products? Are there any products you couldn't live without?

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