Married Couple Seeks Eats in Seattle

Beecher's mac and cheese
 When we went to Seattle in 2009, one of our favorite places was Pike's Place Market. We loved the food, the flowers, and the hustle and bustle of the city. We had to get back there and sample the food we remembered being so amazing. It was! First stop- The Crumpet Shop and then onward to Pike's Place Chowder for some chowder and crab rolls. I was stuffed, but had to pick up some Beecher's mac and cheese just for a taste. Everything was just as we remembered and just as Beecher's claims it to be the "World's Best", it really is the best mac and cheese I think I've ever had.

I could not get enough of all the peonies- seriously impressive!

I apologize now if your lunch is disappointing you, we can't all have crab rolls and mac and cheese everyday. Sigh!

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