The Most Unfashionable Episode of the Bachelorette Ever!

I have talked before about my not so guilty pleasure, the Bachelor franchise. I've watched for years and get together every week with girlfriends. Last night we used "Ricky" as a buzz word for a little wine drinking game. Lots of sips!

While I'm completely bored this season with Emily and her beaus, I can't stay away! While Arie is the current fan favorite, Emily's rose ceremony outfit was our least favorite thing about last nights episode. What was happening? If you're going on tv you are opening yourself to ridicule- so here comes the style onslaught! She normally looks Barbie-riffic adorable, but this white one shoulder jumpsuit is a Bachelorette travesty! Is it from Chico's?? Not at all age appropriate! It's not just the outfit that's the problem, it's the hair and the jewelry. Fake pearl necklaces and fake hair that looks like a drapery tassel. All bad!!!

Not bad fake pony tail

What are you guys thinking about this season? Who are you rooting for? Any outfit thoughts? Stand out moments? Who were your favorite bachelor(ette)s from the past?? It's time for a Women Tell All!

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  1. I think Chris' face in that screenshot says it all......truly unfortunate.

    As far as thoughts and faves- No one can live up to Ed's short green swim trunks. Yowza!!


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