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After weeks of intense cravings for ice cream, I finally satiated this craving. COOLHAUS! I've been to the truck a fair amount of times, but it was time to go to Coolhaus mecca- straight the to the shop! This was a special experience. First of all, the vibe is great. The staff is friendly and happy to let you taste as many flavors as you'd like, which is really saying something because they have a good amount of flavors out at any one time and they are all so unique, that you haven't tried anything like them before and you really can't resist tasting at least a couple...I really wanted to try them all! Right away I had to try the Fried Chicken and Waffle flavor, which is of course good because everything they make is AMAZING. I don't think I could eat a whole cup of this, but it's exactly what you'd expect, only sweeter and it works!  Another notable point, they have cookie samples for you to try on the counter. Hello- I love cookies, thank you for thinking of me guys!

Coolhaus does a few things other ice cream places don't which really take their product to the next level and make it by far my favorite ice cream in the city (note- they also have trucks in Austin, Dallas, Miami, and NY). Yes, they have their ice cream sandwiches, which are incrediblicious! And yes, they have some pretty inventive and equally tasty flavors. They also offer floats, affogato(s?), cookie dough to go, hot chocolate, blue bottle coffee, and vintage sodas. Coolhaus just hits the nail on the head for me. This is one of those hands down worth the splurge kind of treats.

Look for their signature sammie sign glowing in your direction

Coffee with oreo and chocolate cake ice cream
I'd also regret the kind of awesome people watching that you get at a place like Coolhaus. We got really lucky and spotted this rainbow tie dye jumpsuit that just had to be captured and shared with all of you! You're welcome!

So, weekend challenge, get your ice cream on. If you're near the Coolhaus store in Culver City- stop by, or track down one of their trucks and treat yo' self!

**No, I wasn't paid to write such flattering comments about Coolhaus, although- I'd be happy to accept some complimentary ice cream in the future now that you know I swoon for you!

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