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We're taking a little break from our usual Friday Night Date Night stories to talk about something sexy instead of, well, awkward.  I'm letting the cat out of the bag here. I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey. I know I'm supposed to keep this some kind of sexy secret, but I just can't keep it quiet any longer! This series has sold millions of copies and I know at least a few of you are reading this as well.

I've never read romance erotica novels, and it's been a fun and naughty little read! I'm not yet through with the first book, and of course I think it's entirely cheesy {hello- her inner goddess!?!}, but in between the corny writing are some pretty steamy little scenes! Normally when I can't pull away from a book, I take it everywhere with me and read anytime I get a few minutes. I can't exactly pull out this book just anywhere, I mean, I wouldn't want 99% of my coworkers seeing me read this and then ask what it's about and have to explain...no thanks! It's also hard to pull away from the hot and heavy scenes if I have to put the book down. Come on- a girl needs literary satisfaction! Scroll down below, I have a few questions for you foxy ladies who have Grey fever!

Christian Grey? Photo from Renegade Chicks
Personally I picture Mr. Grey well kept, dangerously handsome, with killer arches in his eye brows giving him a dangerous look, but not quite a bad boy...you know, the kind of guy you wouldn't expect to have a bondage dungeon! He can't be a pretty boy, but not too rugged either. A friend of mine would die to see Armie Hammer as Christian, and I know she's not alone in that vote. There's also been a buzz about Ian Sommerhalder for this role- he definitely has the dangerous eyes thing going on!
Armie Hammer
 So ladies...spill! Fess up and tell us what you think about 50 Shades! Has there been a apart of the book that you've been either really intrigued by, or maybe polarized by? How are your husbands/ boyfriends/ gentlemen friends/etc responding to you reading this? And..my favorite question of the week- if, or rather when, they make the movie, who do you want to see play Mr. Grey? What about Miss Steele? I found a whole tumblr dedicated to this very question of who should play the kinky leading mister and miss!

*Feel free to comment anonymously on this one if you're not "out" as a 50 Shades reader!


  1. I'm out and proud! Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Olsen please!


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