Waterloo & City

I first visited Waterloo & City not long after it's opening. We tried a platter of terrines. We actually ordered a platter that had I think 4 terrines, but ours came with 5. Not thinking too much of this, I tried all of the terrines. I realized I couldn't identify one of the terrines. After reviewing the menu and matching the accoutrements to the terrine, I realized I was eating things that are on my food hard limits list: head cheese and pig trotters (fancy word for feet). Once I realized what I was eating, I refrained from that particular terrine. I just couldn't do it. It wasn't bad by any means, but I couldn't get past knowing what it was. Everything else was pretty good and I particularly liked the chicken liver and foie gras mousse.

I revisited Waterloo & City over the weekend and we took a different approach to our meal this time. We ordered a few drinks, 2 small plates and a pizza, which ended up being way more food than we needed and we took 3/4 of the pizza home. We were pretty impressed with how reasonable our bill came to and everything we ate was really delicious! I'd recommend going with a group of 4 or 6, order a few small plates, terrines, and a pizza so you can really feel out the menu. Also, don't skip over the bread- it's pretty good!

Round of drinks to ease into the weekend from a long week

Fried pequillo pepper, tuna tartare, avocado

Grilled asparagus, duck egg, morels, and prosciutto

Wild mushroom pizza, smoked mozzarella, and truffle oil

Have you been to Waterloo & City? What did you eat? Thoughts?

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