Solvang Gets Taken By Storm!

We landed in Solvang for the night after our dinner in Santa Barbara at Opal. I hadn't been to Solvang since I was probably 10. We stayed at the Hadsten House which was really cute and the perfect place to crash, indulge in some Fashion Police, and get a hot meal for breakfast in the morning. As soon as I realized we were staying in Solvang, I was on a mission- Aebelskivers! I remembered having these on my previous trip and apparently they left quite an impression on me as I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to partake in the Danish treat from Solvang Restaurant. We also had to get our chocolate fix from Ingeborg's- what's a girls weekend without a little chocolate?! We also particularly enjoyed the Mole Hole which had a rather interesting assortment of merchandise- ranging from Voluspa candles to tacky rhinestone jean jackets and teeny clay mouse art.

That wrapped up our Solvang adventure. Stay tuned for the next stop!

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