Something fishy is going on

I mentioned awhile ago that R and I were given a Food Saver for the holidays and we are still in the early stages of exploring it's potential. We picked up some fish recently and wanted to marinade it in a vacuum sealed bag with some aromatics. I added lemon, thyme, and fennel, along with a drizzle of olive oil. We let it sit over night and then grilled it on a cedar plank. This was such an easy weeknight meal, especially since we prepared everything in advance. It came out great and really could not have been simpler.

Start with the basics

Put the fish in the bag

Add your aromatics

Vacuum seal and refrigerate overnight
On the board ready for grilling

Dinner's ready!

Fish, grilled fennel, grilled zucchini
See, super easy! You could use a regular zip lock instead of a vacuum sealer and you will still end up with a yummy dinner. What are your go to recipes for fish?

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