Lately Loving: Furry Friends

Yes, this is a gratuitous post about how cute my dog is and the funny things he does. I know we all think our little munchkins are the best or the cutest ever, and for good reason. Dogs all have their own unique and silly personalities and it's adorable! Breaker is an exceptionally cute little man and I know this because everyone who comes over falls in love with him. He will win you over even if you aren't typically a "dog person"- you will be a Breaker person! One of the funniest things Breaker does is that he goes nuts every time an animal is on TV. He barks at dogs (animated ones as well), elephants, horses, monkeys, etc. There are pretty few shows we can get through without one of his outbursts. We finally recorded this and now you can see our little dude in action!

What weird and amazing things do your pets do? Also, I'm on the hunt for a cute new collar/leash for the little dude- any suggestions?

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  1. Lol, this video just made my dog bark.
    Breaker is adorbs!!


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