K Town Meatery

K Town Meatery, aka Meat, really doesn't look like much-

but it's an endless Korean barbecue parade! R and I recently went with some friends and we were treated to delights of the meaty variety. Luckily one of our friends has a very healthy appetite, so we were able to try a lot of different cuts of meat. Korean bbq is an interesting experience, if you've never had it, I suggest you look into this. For someone new into the KBBQ world, there are a few things you should know about, for instance, you are given banchan to eat with your meal, these are like side dishes and you should try them all to see what you like. Order some beer, a Hite perhaps, and get down to the business of the bbq! Now let's take a look at what took place at the meatery...


really tasty potato salad

kimchi, dipping oil, and pickles

egg souffle


bulgogi bite with kimchi ready for the wrapping

prok belly and spicy bulgogi almost ready to devour

a happy man, his Hite, and his meat

a sirloin of gargantuan proportions

sizzle sizzle

Meat was pretty good, company was great, and the experience is always fun! Do you have a favorite Korean BBQ place? We want to know!

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