Cheese and Crackers- All Grown Up!

Some nights you want to stay in and relax- watch tv, read, be with your sweet, or have a girls night in. That doesn't mean you should have to eat something boring and in fact, throwing together a beautiful and tasty plate of snacks is one of the easier things you can do. It was rainy this weekend and I planned ahead by picking up just a few special things - a little charcuterie, a little cheese, and some olives paired well with what I had laying around the house. Open a bottle of wine or your favorite beer (my fave) and you really can't go wrong. My husband indulged in March Madness and I spent some time with my pal, Katniss, reading Mockingjay. This is exactly what I needed for a relaxing Saturday night!

For this plate- I served picholine olives, serrano ham, Cypress Grove Purple Haze cheese (their cheeses are my favorite!), duck rillete, whole grain mustard, dates, crackers, cornichons, and some mini rye toasts.

What do you fancy on a snack plate? Totinos Pizza Rolls, Cheese, Charcutterie, Pop Tarts, lunchables- whatever it is, we want to know!

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