Listen, I loooove Mexican food! It's absolutely in my top 3 favorite food groups (yes, it's a food group!) and when I get it in my head that I'm going to have Mexican food I can't shake it. It takes a hold of me and I have to have it! I have favorite Mexican places and the utmost appreciation for authenticity. With that said, it doesn't mean less greasy and hole in the wall Mexican places that are more about decor than they are about food are all together bad. The food might not be what your abuelita made, but it's still tasty! Pamilla Cocina y Tequila falls into this category of food. It's a beautiful space on the Hermosa Beach pier and the cocktails do not disappoint. The food is tasty, the tortillas homemade, and the guacamole delicious- a point that goes far in my book! Take my word for it, be sure to make a reservation before heading to Palmilla, but enjoy the margaritas, order some guac, and enjoy your meal!

Very pretty bar area with pendant lamps and textured wall

Someone got hungry {me} before I could snap a pic of the guac untouched!

Spicy pineapple cocktail

Pepina Diablo margarita with cucumbers and jalepenos

Sweet chipotle margarita

Fresh mango margarita

Veggie enchiladas

Mahi Mahi

Shrimp tacos

Chicken tacos

Have you been to Palmilla? What did you think? What are your favorite Mexican restaurants?

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