The Boiling Crab

A few weeks ago I went to check out The Boiling Crab in Koreatown with some girlfriends for a sea-feast of the shellfish variety. Unfortunately we arrived to find a 2 hour wait for seats inside, but lucky for us, a little bar next door was happy to host us and we could order drinks and play games while we waited. I warn you now, this is about to get very dirty!

Things you should know about planning your trip to The Boiling Crab:

  1. Go with people you know somewhat well, like, and be sure they like you. They will see you at your worst. 
  2. Be sure to make use of the bib, paper table clothes, and A LOT of napkins and wet wipes. This is NOT a clean meal and probably not a good place for a first date or to meet your boyfriends parents for the first time.
  3. Be prepared to just go for it. Your food comes in plastic bags and don't bother with forks- they are useless. Reach your hands in, grab, crack/peel, and eat. You will be covered to the elbows with seasonings (get "the whole shabang") and probably all over your face. 
  4. Do a little research about how to eat a whole crab and which parts are not to be eaten. Parts of the crab are nasty, for lack of better words. 
  5. Have fun! This isn't a meal to take too seriously, order a lot of crab (the legs are my fave) and shrimp, get some rice to soak up sauces, and enjoy the crab style debauchery that will inevitably ensue!

Setting the table with the sea feast

Check out those legs in that bag...

Crucial element, do not underestimate the power of a bib!

A calm before the storm...

And so it begins

To quote Bridesmaids, "It's happening...."

the mess

more mess

The aftermath and it's not pretty!

I told you it got dirty. It looks pretty gross looking at this now, but I assure you it was top notch crab level delicious! Have you been to The Boiling Crab? Tell me what you thought! Do you have another place you love to indulge your crabby cravings?

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