Stella Rossa Pizza Bar

Stella Rossa on Main in Santa Monica is one of those restaurants that's perfect for pretty much any kind of night- for a date, for a dinner with friends or parents, girls night- you name it. I've been twice and both times I have been really happy with the experience. There's a pretty solid wine and beer list and the food is great. I love the thin crust options for the pizzas, the appetizers and salads have been a crowd pleaser as well. The first time I went we tried the burrata and roasted grapes and being a burrata lover, I was in heaven! For this meal's burrata indulgence, we went with the beet carpaccio and again, no disappointments. I recommend making a reservation as it gets busy, but if you're in the area, Stella Rossa is definitely worth a try!

Beet carpaccio with burrata

Chopped Salad

Pinot Gris

Goat cheese and bacon pizza

Marinated olives

Shaved mushroom pizza

M Street cookies: chocolate chip, chocolate chip
with fleur de sel, apple oatmeal
These cookies are definitely some of the better cookies I've come across, so you might as well give into this hockey puck (actually bigger) sized cookie and call it love!

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