Lately Loving: Erase Paste

I've recently confessed my concern to conceal the things that happen to the delicate under eye area as we age. This is one area I'm most preoccupied with in the physical aging process so it should come as now surprise that I'm into trying creams, serums, concealers and the lot of products that are designed to both reverse the signs of aging and to merely hide them. I'm still in the market for a great eye cream and am planning to head to Kiehl's to help me with the task at hand, but in the meantime I am checking out Benefit's Erase Paste to keep that area looking fresh and young. I've always been pleased with Benefit products, especially their primer, the Pore-fessional.

 I've been pretty happy with this product. It does as it says- "conceals and brightens." I feel like my eyes instantly don't look tired when I put this on in the morning, which on some days this is really quite a feat! It doesn't gunk up look crepe-y by any means, but the only issue I'm having is that sometimes I will see the ever slight touch of a mascara flake (I could write a whole post on my mascara preferences, but I am absolutely opposed to using mascaras that flake, which is why I shy away from waterproof mascaras and the ones I use have never caused this issue for me in the past), or rather, a mascara "dust." Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with this product.

I'd love to hear from you about what you use for under your eyes. Remember- one of the best parts of having secrets is sharing them!

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