Like a Virgin: Sous Vide for the Very First Time

A few years ago R and I took a free class at Williams-Sonoma on Sous Vide. We were fascinated and knew that we'd get a sous vide at some point. We're still waiting for that someday to come along. Sous Vide cooking basically is cooking food in a warm water bath set at the temperature in which the food should be done cooking at for several hours. We received a Food Saver from my parents for the holidays and were finally able to put it to good use. After reading about using a slow cooker as a make shift sous vide, we knew we had to check it out. While I was at work, Rich seasoned some chicken thighs and sealed them in the Food Saver and got it started in the "sous vide." Some more information for cooking chicken with this method can be found here and here.  It took a few hours to cook and then we seared it in a pan for just a little crust (which didn't actually give any crust, we'll have to work on that!) and it came out great! The chicken was very tender and juicy. We will definitely have to experiment with this some more to get it down perfectly, but we were pleased with our first attempt. We also through an egg in to test it out and that wasn't half bad either!

It all starts with the Food Saver
It's cooking!

Fresh out of the bath

And into the pan with a little oil
Finished product
Cooked all the way through
Time for the egg
60 degree egg

Get your yoke on!

 Do you cook sous vide? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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