Lately Loving: It's a 10!

I want to say that I was not paid to write this about this product. I absolutely sing praises, but I wasn't paid to nor was I given a free sample or anything. I just tried something, loved it, and want to share it with you. 

I started using It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Conditioner about a year ago when I accidentally singed my hair with my blow dryer and a round brush- both are now in the trash! I walked into the beauty supply store and asked for the best thing to help soothe my hair and I was handed this small blue plastic bottle that looked kind of cheap that I had never heard of. He assured me it would help and would be a great product to add to my hair routine. I trusted him on his recommendation and took the leave in conditioning product home and doused the damaged area in conditioner and Moroccan Oil. The combination seemed to help relax the damaged hair, but I began to use It's a 10 after washing my hair and liked how it helped detangle my hair and add silkiness.

After running out (yes, about a year later, impressive, right?!) I went to pick up another bottle and noticed there's now an It's a 10 Leave in Conditioner plus Keratin and thought I would give that a try. OH MY GOOOOOODNESS! I'm really impressed, beyond any other hair product I've used in a long time! Immediately after spraying on my hair I noticed it felt smoother. My hair looks really shiny with this and feels amazingly silky. I'm super happy I stepped it up to the "plus keratin" level! It's called It's a 10 because it claims to do the following 10 things instantly:

1. Maintenance of keratin straightening treatments
2. Increase styling and manageability
3. Perfect for all hair types
4. Replaces lost protein
5. Protects the natural keratin in hair
6. Protects against heat
7. Restores hydration balance
8.Detangles, defrizzes, adds shine
9. Strengthens hair structure
10. Seals cuticles for extra silky hair

I have to say, it does do these things, and random other benefit- it seemed to also shorten my blow dry time and who doesn't want that? It's also not that expensive, so you should get on this. I bought a medium size bottle, but wishing I would bought the large one for how much I really love this!

What are your secret go to hair products that save your hair world on a daily basis? It's rude to keep secrets to yourself, share with us!


  1. Good question Carly! I'm trying out a new one and like it so far. I'll keep you posted!


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