Bing Bong and Chickadees

This was a really good tv week. The Office was great, Modern Family never disappoints, but for me, the highlight was New Girl!

I really missed  Jess and the boys while New Girl was on hiatus. So happy to welcome my favorite Zooey back into my living room. This week's episode was amazing and literally laugh out loud funny. Accidentally seeing roommates naked makes for a great episode and Zooey is so adorable! If you aren't watching this show yet, please do, it's my favorite of this year's new shows.

Video clip here and complete recap here.
While checking out that recap, peak around HelloGiggles if you haven't already. It's Zooey's blog with her bff's.

PS- I'm really sad to hear about the Deschanel and Gibbard split. I had high hopes for them. :(

Past tv highlights:
Mad Men
Treat Yo Self- From Parks and Recreation


  1. I don't watch this show, but I'm definitely going to start!

  2. I absolutely love this show! I watch it with one of my best friends also named Jess and we are constantly laughing out loud and reminded of some of our awkwardness.


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