Societal Travesty: The Khaki Pant

The Devil Khaki Pant
We really need to discuss something here and it's been bothering me for quite some time. My apologies to those of you who may have fallen victim to this epidemic. I hope you will take the necessary steps to protect yourself from experiencing worse symptoms. The plague in question seems to have spread throughout most 3rd world countries and continues to affect those across the socioeconomic divide, regardless of race or religion. It's a problem that one by one, we can help to solve. This disease is otherwise known as "KHAKI pants"! It needs to go away! We need to rid our world of khaki. I suppose if you worked at the Gap in the 90s you might feel nostalgic for khaki, but it's SOOOO terrible. Please find your khaki article of clothing and put it in quarantine and throw it away. Don't even donate it, it belongs in the trash!
If they can't make it look good, how can we?!
Khakis do nothing for you. No one looks good in khakis, butts look bad, and they are predisposed to highlight your flaws, and seem to hang in the most unflattering of ways on just about everyone. Khakis come in a variety of fabrics and cuts, and it appears as though all are doomed. I'd like to take a moment to distinguish there is a difference between khaki and camel. I am very pro camel, it's richer in color and typically reserved for a superior style pant. Khaki- meh! Below are several styles of khaki failures:

Have you ever found a pair of khakis that wasn't a disaster? Please share!

Almost acceptable, except not


  1. Ha! Great post. Khaki's are awful! I totally support your anti-khaki crusade :)

  2. I was forced to wear Khaki cargoes for a work event. I'm still sad about this.

  3. trash-bagged my khakis the day i quit the bulleye. khaki free since 2007. thought about buying a pair for work. thank you for reminding me why i haven't. :)


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