Cozy Fall Dinner

Nothing is more comforting when it's chilly outside than soup. With a Costco size container of cube butternut squash on hand, I was dreaming of soup. R makes really tasty soups and got to work making butternut squash soup and blended it up with our immersion blender. I added a little chili oil to give it just a little kick and served this with a plate of prosciutto.This is perfect pre-Thanksgiving- it's light enough to save up for the turkey and root veggies are often overlooked, but so wonderful this time of year.

Butternut squash with chili oil drizzle

Prosciutto di Parma with balsamic glaze

We made our soup based off this recipe and omitted cream to lighten it up a little. Do you have any go to soup recipes? I'd love to hear about them!

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