Giving to a Man

I've talked about the holidays and my thoughts on gift giving, but when it comes down to it, it's hard to think of what to give. As promised, I am starting this early and I give to you my gift guide for 2011, with gifts ranging in price and appropriate for an array of personalities. I hope you find this useful.

Men like doing things, playing with things, eating things, and sometimes they even like to be fashionable. Hopefully you will find something on this list for whatever man you are shopping for this year.

Playing with things:
Apple offers products in various price ranges that can suit most budgets. Whether it's an Ipod Shuffle starting at only $49 or an Ipad at $499, these all make great gifts. If your man already has these gadgets, check out an accessory.
-apple tv
-apple accessories

Doing things:
Is your man prone to scruff? I happen to like some scruff, but it's not always an option. Treat him to a fancy shave - The Shave in Beverly Hills -does an Out in 30 for only $50.

Another suggestion is to get him tickets to a concert, sporting event, or food event. This is a gift you can enjoy as well! If he's athletic, he might also appreciate a deep tissue or sports massage.

Eating/Drinking things: 
If you live in New York, you should check this out, bro. Thanks Bro delivers beer and beef jerky- totally man approved!

It seems that all men have a favorite cocktail. Mine likes a nice bottle of scotch or a craft beer. I can't imagine a man being disappointed by a curated basket of beers you picked out especially for him. Check out Dogfish Head, Allagash, and Russian River. If you live near a brewery, he would definitely enjoy a tour, and again- you win too!

Don't forget the power of a good meal. Your man, in his manly glory, might be really into going to a meaty meat feast- your treat. If you live in LA- Check out Cut, Wolfgang's, the classic Mastro's, or Nik and Stef's. If your man likes finer dining and steak isn't his thing, contact me and I will happily give you a list of other suggestions.

Fashion things:

A friend of mine opened bought cufflinks for her boyfriend a year ago from Paul Smith who has very cool accessories .  How cute are these?

I customized Nike's a few years ago for my husband in his college's school colors which luckily, are also somewhat neutral and very wearable. He likes sneakers, so this was a creative and functional gift for him. 

Happy Socks, also found at Nordstrom, are a great gift idea for men and women and not too harsh on the wallet. My husband has half a dozen pairs of these and they are a great way for your man to jazz up his suit.

Do you have any other ideas that have gone over well in the past? Please share- we all can benefit from a few new suggestions!

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