Move Over Coffee Houses, You've Got Competition

I was pretty excited to check out The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Considering LA has such a large Jewish population and that bagels aren't really just a Jewish food anymore, but a wide spread breakfast staple, it's surprising that there aren't more good bagel places (Noah's Bagel and similar chains excluded). For that reason alone, I was looking forward to trying this place. My previous go to had been The Bagel Factory- a pretty solid bagel, but it's not the kind of place you want to sit at and eat your bagel- lox sandwich.

The tagline for The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.  is "It's all about the water", but I disagree- it's all about the coffee station! It's amazing. The bagels are good, the wraps are good, the muffins are enormous and look delicious, but I really can't get over how much I love their drink station- in particular, the create your own drink coffee set up! They have about 4 blends of iced coffee, maybe 6 of hot coffee, coffee ice cubes (!!!), whipped cream, various milk and creamer options, Fox's U-Bet syrup and cherry syrup for coke, plus the usual fountain drinks. I have an unusually high sensitivity to caffeine, but I also love coffee- such a conundrum! Luckily, they have decaf coffee (hot and iced), so I am free to indulge. My current favorite decaf coffee concoction is the Medium Roast Iced Coffee, Coffee Ice Cubes (why didn't I think of this?!!), and a pump or 2 of French Vanilla creamer. I highly recommend a visit if you haven't been already or if you're in need of an Egg Cream fix. Have you been here yet? Are you addicted to the coffee ice cubes? What did you think? Share, share!

Thank you Larry King for bringing better bagels and coffee to Beverly Hills!

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