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Happy Thanksgiving friends!!!

Growing up my mom would always make what we called "rollie pollies" for a breakfast treat on Thanksgiving morning. They looked like mini cinnamon rolls and she made them with pie dough and spread some butter and cinnamon sugar on them before rolling them up and baking in the oven. I would look forward to these every year as we only had them on Thanksgiving. It's important to create your own traditions as we get older and have families of our own and I think I have something for you to consider as your new Thanksgiving morning treat- Pumpkin Sticky Buns with Brown Sugar Glaze! If you are hosting guests this weekend or going to visit your families, this recipe will make you a hero. Let's talk about stick buns- no one can resist them! The intoxicating smell while they puff up in the oven, their gooey centers, the buttery swirls...they are something really special.. Nothing screams fall and Thanksgiving quite like pumpkin and these pumpkin sticky buns with brown sugar glaze will surely take you straight to sticky bun heaven.
Slicing up the rolled sticky bun log
Fresh out of the oven, pre-drizzle

I actually made these awhile ago and I had one straight out of the oven after pouring on the glaze and I think I died three times on the first bite. I froze most of the batch so that we nothing would go to waste and we wouldn't devour them all at once...wishing there were more of these stashed away in the freezer.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends, warmth, and good eats!

Please tell- do you have a Thanksgiving weekend breakfast tradition? 

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