Nail Art Thou?

I stumbled across this article on Japanese nail art, which apparently is nail art gone wild. This makes a traditional flower or gem look tame and it's really a whole new level of nail bedazzlement. I have a lot of questions about this: How do you type? How do you prevent a snagged sweater or tights? How long does this tricked out nail stay intact? Do you scratch your face while sleeping? Can you travel on an airplane with these nails, they look pretty sharp?
Cute for someone else, but not for these nailsies!
Photo from Cupcakes and Cashmere
I don't even dare to put a butterfly on my nails, I like them classic and monotone. Boring? Yes. I'm totally ok with my boring single color nail preference. I'm warming up to the notion of a "status nail"- which is one nail (often the ring finger) painted a different color or with just a touch of glitter that sets it apart from the other nails. It even took me awhile to embrace a sparkle without feeling like a 6 or 60 year old. I'm currently really into Essie's Mochacino which is a slight sparkle that looks good on it's own and great over Essie's Chinchilly.

I'm dying to hear what you think about nail art. Is it something you would try? What about the status nail or patterns?Would love to hear your thoughts!

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