Short Order

Saturday night before going to see The Civil Wars (who were absolutely amazing and if you haven't heard them, please check them out. If you like good music, you should like them- they are an attractive duo as well which never hurts) we made our way to Short Order with good friends, K&L. We were expecting crazy lines and waits, but considering it was opening weekend, it wasn't too bad. Short Order offers seating downstairs if you order at the counter and there was really no wait for this. We weren't in  a rush so we decided to put our names in to sit upstairs which has waiter service, a full bar, and a few dishes that aren't offered at the downstairs menu. After about a half hour wait we made our way upstairs to a communal table with a fire pit. R and I shared the signature Short Order burger, the spuds, and the wedge salad. K and L shared spuds and had the Ida's Old School burger and Amy's turkey burger respectively. The spuds are salt baked potatoes, hand torn and deep fried and very delicious. be sure to order the dipping sauce which I think is sour cream, chives, and fried onions. The salad was really good, but the burgers are the stars here. The buns did not disappoint, the meat is literally oozing with flavor, was cooked medium rare which was perfection, and the toppings all came together to make a pretty phenomenal burger. Our friends all seemed to enjoy their burgers as well and we left a happy group. I would definitely come back and can't wait to try the lamb burger and pretzel pups. Cocktails sounded great, but I passed on the booze for the night. There a few kinks to work out, but that's to be expected on night 2. Brunch starts January 1st. I almost always gravitate to Loteria when at Farmer's Market, but this S.O. is going to be a nice change of pace from time to time.

yumm custard shakes sound sooo good!

Spud Dipping Sauce and ketchup
The Spuds

Wedge Salad
Short Order Burger
 Did you go this weekend? What did you think?

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