Chickie Chickie Bang Bang!

I love cooking food that can be made into different dishes lasting throughout the week. It's so nice not thinking about what to make for dinner or having to run to the store. There are plenty of blogs that pay homage to crock pot cooking and this isn't one of them. I do think slow cooking is easy and if you have a few great recipes, it can really make your cooking-life  a lot easier.

One of the dishes we have made a few times is for this Mexican style stewed chicken. This will make a lot of chicken, it's really affordable, and it's a joke how easy it is to make.

May not look fancy, but it is delicious!
1 pack of boneless skinless chicken breast
1 can Mexican style stewed tomatoes
1 chopped onion
1 package of taco seasoning
just enough water to cover contents of crock pot

Place all your ingredients in the crock pot and cook on High for about 6 hours.
Some suggestions of what to make with your yummy chicken:
-Salad, with butter lettuce, roasted corn, black beans, black olives, guacamole, salsa, and queso fresca. 
-Tacos made how you like them
- Mini Mexican Pizza (shown above): Layer black beans on small toasted corn tortilla, topped with toasted tortilla, spread enchilada sauce, lay on chicken, top with cheese.

Do you have any crock pot recipes you rely on and think the world needs to know about? Tell us!

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