Casa Azul

I've posted before on the lack of options for good eats near my work in Westwood. Fundamental LA is a favorite, but there are a few new places that I'm excited about. 800 degrees is owned by the Umami Burger team and that is "coming soon"- not soon enough. Casa Azul is the sister restaurant of Frida Mexican and opened last week. I was able to check it out during the soft opening this week, Grand Opening is January 2nd. The space is pretty, hip, and inviting. The menu looks great and I was really happy with the service.
 I went with 2 coworker gal pals and our first impression was how much we liked the look of the bar and the mural.

 The chips are warm and come with two salsas- a green and red salsa. I can't put my finger on what is in the red salsa, but it's unlike any other salsa I've ever had and really delicious.

Everyone was happy with their food, but there was a little glitch. I found a hair in my food as the waiter was setting it down in front of me. I mentioned this to the waiter who apologized profusely and took my food away to remake the dish. No one wants hair in the food, it's gross, but sometimes things just happen. My only expectation was for them to remake my dish, but my expectations were exceeded when the manager came by to apologize and took my lunch off the bill. I wasn't really put off by this mishap because the service we received went above and beyond. My coworker gal pals really liked their dishes and I was so hungry when my food finally came that I forgot to take a pic- whoopsie!

I was happy with the portion size in that it was satisfying and plentiful, but not glutinous. I would have loved to try either the tres leches or churro for dessert, but we had to run and we were stuffed!
I'm thrilled to have a good Mexican restaurant to walk to for lunch or happy hour and will definitely be back!

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