A Tribute To My Besties!

Thank you Hello Giggles for letting me know about a holiday I didn't know about, National Best Day! Hello Giggles has some great ideas for ways of letting your VIP's feel special and these are such cute suggestions. I didn't have much time to prep for this day because I just found out about it, but I wanted to take a second to send a shout out to my besties. I have quite a few of you and you're all super special to me in different ways, but you deserve to know how much you mean to me.
some bff bridesmaids
A bestie is just that, they are the absolute best for a gazillion reasons! A full on bff gushfest is about to ensue about why I love my girls. They will talk about tv with you for hours and the people/characters become an extension of your own group. Besties will reminisce with you for hours about old times and stay up super late giggling. A bestie will cherish sleepovers with you because the older you get, the less they happen. Besties don't need to make plans to do something, they can just hang out and that's perfect. You may not get to see or even talk to your besties all the time, but it's always just the same when you get together. You let it slide when a bestie is late for plans on occasion because you are more excited to see them than get hung up on 15 minutes. Besties will invite themselves over for dinner and don't feel like they need to bring anything, but will always show up with booze! A bestie will eat ice cream with you when you have a bad day and will eat ice cream with you when you have a good day. A bestie will call you to share goodnews and you won't be able to stop smiling because you are so happy for them. When a bestie calls with bad news, it breaks your heart too. A bestie will always know just what to say when you need to hear the right words. A knows you in ways sometimes you don't know yourself. Besties borrow your clothes and use your skincare products or make up and it's totally OK- unless it's that really expensive one, then you should ask! Besties can be friends, parents, spouses, and probably not pets by this criteria, but pets are best pals in different ways. I love my best friends and feel like a pretty lucky girl to have you in my life.  I have to say, my bachelorette party was really amazing- because it was a lot of my favoritest friends from different parts of my life coming together. Having time together like that just doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Love you girlies!!!

You can send your bestie an e-card and let that bff of yours know you love them!
What do you love about your best friends? What special bestie rules do you have or what are you entitled to as their bff?

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