The Honor Bar

Hillstone Group is certainly not new news. Houston's has been around for years, Bandera's has held their own in the Brentwood area, and R+D Kitchen has even been around for awhile on Montana. South Beverly Grill opened maybe a year ago in Beverly Hills and I ate there with my husband about 6 months ago. The food is reliable and good. The Honor Bar is attached to South Beverly Grill and it's been on my list to check out for some time. The Honor Bar serves sandwiches, good ones at that, A salad, sides, sushi, a collection of cocktails and wine. It's not a culinary destination and you shouldn't travel an hour to eat here, but if you're in the neighborhood, and looking for a solid good meal, some jazz, a cocktail- this is your place. I really love the ambiance at The Honor Bar- it's sort of an eclectic, but classic feel with live jazz every night (loved the jazz versions of Stone Temple Pilot songs)- perfect for almost any situation. I went last night with a friend, M, for some much needed catching up and The Honor Bar was the perfect backdrop to our girl talk.

We both had wine- I had a red zin and she had the malbec, and shared house marinated olives, fries, and a double pork sandwich, The Henri. We were happy with everything and would have been happier with more fries.

Have you been to The Honor Bar? What did you think?

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